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    Pimpex Plastic, China supplies Automatic High Speed Extrusion Blow Molding Machine HFBC45 Series.

Pricing for Automatic High Speed Extrusion Blow Molding Machine HFBC45 Series

Automatic High Speed Extrusion Blow Molding Machine HFBC45 Series
Photo for reference only.

Remarks: The prices are calculated on USD100=RMB758 basis, if the exchange rate fluctuates more than 1%, the prices should be adjusted in last payment according to http://www.bank-of-china.com/en/common/service.jsp
Payment: by 40% T/T prepayment plus 60% T/T payment before delivery
Lead Time: around 40 days after Seller's receipt of prepayment.
Installation: The manufacturer installs and debugs the whole production line in China till good running, Buyer might come to China for training and quality checking and accepting procedures.
Quality Guaranteed Period: One year if Buyer correctly operates equipments and keep necessary maintenances. Of course, those wearing parts are not listed in guaranteed list. The manufacturer offers long term technical supports and spare parts at costs level.
Offer Date on July 2nd, 2007

Please contact with Mr.HuaLong Lin to know if this offer is still valid.

Production System of Automatic High Speed Blow Molding Machine

1. Automatic High Speed Extrusion Blow Molding Machine HFBC45 Series

    The blow molding machine model HFBC45 series can produce various milk bottles, cosmetic containers, cruet containers, drinking bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, cooking oil containers, transfusion bottles, lubricant oil containers, antifreeze liquid containers, chemicals containers, food containers, and others hollow containers like some small toys, industrial and agricultural fittings. The machine is especially designed for producing with material such as PE, PP etc. The product capacity can reach 1200 cycles per hour (idle circle).

Basic Equipment:

  • Die Head: Center feeding materials die head or side feeding materials die head.
  • Extrusion System: Adopts world famous brand automatic temperature controlling device. Drive the screw with frequence converter and deceleration box to realize stepless speed regulating.
  • Clamping Device: Adopts dual shafts single cylinder two directions synchronous clamping organ, good stability.
  • Blowing Device: At the top of blowing machine, blowing downwards
  • Hydraulic System: Adopts dual liquid vane pump for pump oil, adopts proportional pressure controlling circle for hydraulic system.
  • Electric Controlling System: Adopt programmer controller and world famous electrical components.

Unit Price, FOB Shanghai, China USD
(Including one whole set of spare parts)

HFBC451 Single Head, PE PP
1 Set
HFBC451C Single Head, PVC
1 Set
HFBC451S Single Head, Two Layers
1 Set
HFBC451T Single Head, Transparent Line
1 Set
HFBC451ST Single Head, Transparent Line, Two Layers
1 Set
HFBC452 Two Heads, PE
1 Set
HFBC452S Two Heads, PE, Two Layers
1 Set
HFBC452T Two Heads, PE, Transparent Line
1 Set
HFBC453 Three Heads, PE, PP
1 Set
HFBC454 Four Heads, PE, PP
1 Set

---Automatic High Speed Extrusion Blow Molding Machine HFBC453P, Triple Mould Head, With Computer Touch Screen, USD35,673/SET
---Double Mould Head Set, USD1,715/SET
---Single Mould Head Set, USD1,715/SET
---Japan MOOG Parison Control System, USD11,774/SET
---Flashes Cooling Device, USD686/SET
---Crates Package Cost: USD515/SET
---Total USD52,078 including one whole set of spare parts.

2. Mould Price: Pricing according to sizes and shapes of customers' containers.

3. Optional Auxiliary Equipments:





Unit Price
(USD Dollar)

Package Cost
(USD Dollar)


Hopper Dryer
















Water Chiller




Air Compressor

0.7-0.8MPa, 0.4M3/min


The above offer doesn't include the following items:

  • Wiring, tubing and materials, which are outside of machine.
  • Materials, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil for test running.
  • Transportation costs and insurance fee.
  • If Buyer needs Seller to send engineers to Buyer's plant for installation and commissioning and test running, all to-and-fro flight tickets, hotel, food, insurance should be paid by Buyer.

4. Payment: 40% T/T prepayment, 60% T/T payment after Buyer's approval on machine quality in Seller's workshop.

5. Delivery: Delivery no later than 55 days, after Seller's receipt of prepayment and after mutual confirmation on all technical and commercial items.

6. Seller should train Buyer's two or three operators for free. (Flight tickets and hotel/food should be paid by Buyer itself.)

7. Installation & Commissioning: Buyer should place the machine to the right position after the machine reaches Buyer's factory, and inform Seller, who will send technician to test run the machine until it is running in normal state. Buyer will pay the to-and-fro air tickets, accommodation, and hotel and so on for Seller's technician. And Buyer will pay USD35/day/person as technician labor cost when he leaves Seller's factory until leave Buyer's plant.

8. Quality warranty period is one year. That is, Seller is responsible for any manufacture related quality problems; those damaged components should be returned to Seller for replacing new ones. Each component has unique computer number following ISO9001 Certificate of Quality Management System and USA Symix ERP system, thus Seller could offer fast and close after services to customers in time.

9. This offer is valid within 30 days from the issuing date. Seller keeps rights to update prices and technical parameters if this offer is overdue and invalid. The offer is offered for Buyer's reference in making a decision and it isn't an enclosure of contract.

Appendix: Details Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters and Components Specification of HFBC45 Series Extrusion Blow Molding Machines:

1. Maximum Container Volume: 2 Liters (According to containers' shapes)
2. Extrusion System: The drive method of extrusion system adopts frequency converter plus alloy steel hard gear tooth decelerating box to realize screw's stepless speed regulating, high extrusion efficiency, and stable output capacity. Characteristics as following:

  • Gear box adopts some bigger model with top grade hard gear tooth, which is a professional one for plastics machinery, to insure durable usages.
  • Extrusion screw has been optimistically designed; reliable plasticity, excellent colors mixture effect, and different professional screws are available to match the machine according to different plastics raw materials. The barrel adopts forcedly feeding design to insure stable extrusion, high efficiency and energy saving. The screw and barrel adopts top grade nitrided steel 38CrMOALA to rapidly improve the abrasion and services life of screw and barrel. Heater adopts cast aluminum heater with outer heat insulation layer and stainless steel shield, there is a air cooler at the top of cast aluminum heater to let machining temperature accurate and stable.
  • The platform of extrusion blow molding machine has lifting device for conveniently adjusting the heights of mould heads of different moulds. And the distance between mould and the mould head could be minimized to save flashes of containers most.
  • The system could realize front-rear, right-left adjustments for conveniently adjusting process to meet with requirements of different containers.
Extrusion System
Screw Diameter, mm 45mm
Screw L/D Rate 24:1
Screw Rotating Speed 10~80rev/min
Plasticity Capacity 30Kgs/hour, HDPE
Heating Section Number of Barrel 3
Heating Power of Barrel 6KW
Extrusion Motor Power 11KW
Bilayer - Optional Deputy Extrusion System
Screw Diameter 30mm
Screw L/D Rate 22:1
Screw Rotating Speed 10~50rev/min
Plasticity Capacity 12Kgs/hour, HDPE
Extrusion Motor Power 3KW
Heating Power of Barrel 3KW
Transparent Line - Optional Deputy Extrusion System
Screw Diameter 25mm
Screw L/D Rate 20:1
Screw Rotating Speed 10~30rev/min
Plasticity Capacity 5Kgs/hour, HDPE
Extrusion Motor Power 1.5KW
Heating Power of Barrel 2.1KW

3. Mould Head: Whole structure adopts continuous materials extrusion, first in first out (FIFO). The molded performs have uniform wall thickness and good surface quality, convenient replacement of colors and materials. All kinds of mould heads like single mould head, two mould heads, three mould heads, four mould heads, transparent line mould head, bilayer mould head and materials storage cylinder mould head could meet with requirements of different containers. Good exchangeability among various mould heads could make full advantage of one set extrusion blow molding machine with various mould heads. Optional wall thickness control system is available for each mould head to precisely control thickness of containers. Heater adopts stainless steel heating rings, automatic temperature controller. Mould head adopts special alloy steel to guarantee smoothness of mould runner and hardness of mould surface.

  • Center Distance of Two Mould Heads, Recommendation Value, 130mm
  • Center Distance of Three Mould Heads, Recommendation Value, 80mm
  • Center Distance of Four Mould Heads, Recommendation Value, 60mm
  • Maximum Diameter of Mouth Mould, Single Mould Head, 70mm
  • Heating Section Number of Mould Head, 2-4
  • Heating Power of Mould Head, Reference, 4-7KW

4. Mould Clamping Device: The mould open/close system of HFB series machines adopts patent design of two shafts single cylinder two ways synchronously clamping organ, the mould moving system adopts slantways mould moving method to let performs cutting off more easily, less impaction, fast and stable running. There is a bar stay organ at the bottom of mould plate to balance torques arising from blowing and mould itself and guarantee quality of containers.

  • Mould Plate Size, 270*330mm
  • Distance between Mould Plates, 80~330mm
  • Mould Clamping Force, 38KN
  • Maximum Mould Size, 270*280mm, 200*500mm

5. Blowing Device: Optional single head blowing device, two heads blowing device, four heads blowing devices. Different mould head could be equipped with related blowing device. The blowing device has three ways displacements adjustment organ to adjust blowing device up-down, left-right, front-rear conveniently and fast, and to meet with requirements of various containers. According to different process requirements, the descending speed of blowing pin is adjustable, the blowing device has micro pumping function which could exhaust air quickly after finishing containers' blowing.
The lifting stroke of blowing head is 150mm

6. Machine Body Frame: Lifting stroke 130mm

7. Hydraulic System: Hydraulic system adopts proportional controlling loop for conveniently setting up motion pressure. Main oil pump adopts dual vane pump, big pump supplies forces for motions like open/close mould, up/down moving mould, up/down lifting platform, blowing descending, etc. to improve system running speed. Small pump supplies clamping force and save energy consumption much. The hydraulic pumps and valves have been equipped onto our extrusion blow molding machines for many years to guarantee precise control, stable running, low malfunction rate. The oil pipes adopts attaching burke joint to insure non-leakage of oil loop system. Such hydraulic system is high efficient, energy saving, reliable.

  • Big Pump Rated Pressure, 10MPa
  • Small Pump Rated Pressure, 5.5MPa
  • Big Pump Rated Flow, 50L/min
  • Small Pump Rated Flow, 6L/min
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor Power, 5.5KW

8. Pneumatic System

  • Air Source Pressure, 0.7MPa
  • Working Pressure, 0.6MPa
  • Air Consumption, 0.4m3/min

9. Water Source

  • Feeding Water Pressure, 0.3MPa
  • Feeding Water Flow, 0.4m3/min

10. Electricity Source: AC380V 10%, 50Hz, 3 Phases 4 Lines, Rated Power 27KW/H, Average Power 15KW/H

11. Machine Weight, 3-4 tons
12. Machine Overall Size, 2600*1700*2200mm
13. Mould Installation Sketch Map

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