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Adjustable Buckles, Hook Buckles, Insert Buckles, Ring Buckles, Stair Buckles

Made in China

Pimpex Plastic could supply all kinds of buckles such as adjustable buckles, hook buckles, insert buckles, ring buckles, stair buckles for garments and bags.

Customers could provide its buckles' drawings or samples to us and place OEM orders upon us after negotiations.

Factory Sample Room

Factory Sample Room

Factory Sample Room

www www.plasticimpex.com

Adjustable Buckles

Adjustable Buckle R001

Adjustable Buckle R002

Adjustable Buckle R003

Adjustable Buckle R004

Adjustable Buckle R005

Adjustable Buckle R006

Adjustable Buckle R007

Adjustable Buckle R008

Adjustable Buckle R009

Adjustable Buckle R010

Adjustable Buckle R011

Adjustable Buckle R013

Adjustable Buckle R014

Adjustable Buckle R015

Adjustable Buckle R016

Adjustable Buckle R017

Adjustable Buckle R018

Adjustable Buckle R019

Adjustable Buckle R020

Adjustable Buckle R021

Adjustable Buckle R022

Adjustable Buckle R023

Adjustable Buckle R024

Adjustable Buckle R025

Adjustable Buckle R026


Hook Buckles

Hook Buckle G201

Hook Buckle G202

Hook Buckle G203

Hook Buckle G204

Hook Buckle G205

Hook Buckle G206

Hook Buckle G207

Hook Buckle G208

Hook Buckle G209

Hook Buckle G210

Hook Buckle G211

Hook Buckle G212

Hook Buckle G213

Hook Buckle G214

Hook Buckle G504

Hook Buckle G505

Hook Buckle G506

Hook Buckle G507

Hook Buckle G508

Hook Buckle G510

Hook Buckle G511

Hook Buckle G512

Hook Buckle G513

Hook Buckle G516

Hook Buckle G517

Hook Buckle G518

Hook Buckle G519

Hook Buckle G520

Hook Buckle G521

Hook Buckle G522

Hook Buckle G523

Hook Buckle G524

Hook Buckle G701

Hook Buckle G702

Hook Buckle G703

Hook Buckle G704

Hook Buckle G705

Hook Buckle G706

Hook Buckle G707

Hook Buckle G708

Hook Buckle G709

Hook Buckle G710

Hook Buckle G711

Hook Buckle G712

Hook Buckle G713

Hook Buckle G714

Hook Buckle G715

Hook Buckle G717

Hook Buckle G718

Hook Buckle G719

Hook Buckle G720

Hook Buckle G721

Hook Buckle G722

Hook Buckle G723

Hook Buckle G724

Hook Buckle G725

Hook Buckle G726

Hook Buckle G727

Hook Buckle G729


Insert Buckles

Insert Buckle K001

Insert Buckle K015

Insert Buckle K016

Insert Buckle K017

Insert Buckle K018

Insert Buckle K027

Insert Buckle K037

Insert Buckle K038

Insert Buckle K046

Insert Buckle K048

Insert Buckle K049

Insert Buckle K050

Insert Buckle K051

Insert Buckle K052

Insert Buckle K053

Insert Buckle K054

Insert Buckle K055

Insert Buckle K056

Insert Buckle K060

Insert Buckle K061

Insert Buckle K064

Insert Buckle K065

Insert Buckle K072

Insert Buckle K073

Insert Buckle K074

Insert Buckle K075

Insert Buckle K088

Insert Buckle K094

Insert Buckle K095

Insert Buckle K098

Insert Buckle K099

Insert Buckle K105

Insert Buckle K106

Insert Buckle K107

Insert Buckle K109

Insert Buckle K110

Insert Buckle K112


Ring Buckles

Ring Buckle H001

Ring Buckle H002

Ring Buckle H003

Ring Buckle H004

Ring Buckle H005

Ring Buckle H006

Ring Buckle H007

Ring Buckle H008

Ring Buckle H009

Ring Buckle H010

Ring Buckle H011

Ring Buckle H201

Ring Buckle H202

Ring Buckle H203

Ring Buckle H204

Ring Buckle H205

Ring Buckle H206

Ring Buckle H207

Ring Buckle H208

Ring Buckle H209

Ring Buckle H210

Ring Buckle H211

Ring Buckle H212

Ring Buckle H213

Ring Buckle H214

Ring Buckle H215

Ring Buckle H301

Ring Buckle H302

Ring Buckle H303

Ring Buckle H304

Ring Buckle H401

Ring Buckle H402

Ring Buckle H403

Ring Buckle H404

Ring Buckle H405

Ring Buckle H406

Ring Buckle H407

Ring Buckle H408

Ring Buckle H409

Ring Buckle H410

Ring Buckle H411

Ring Buckle H412

Ring Buckle H413

Ring Buckle H501

Ring Buckle H502

Ring Buckle H504

Ring Buckle H505

Ring Buckle H506

Ring Buckle H601

Ring Buckle H602

Ring Buckle H603

Ring Buckle H605

Ring Buckle H606


Stair Buckles

Stair Buckle M002

Stair Buckle M003

Stair Buckle M004

Stair Buckle M005

Stair Buckle M006

Stair Buckle M007

Stair Buckle M008

Stair Buckle M009

Stair Buckle M010

Stair Buckle M011

Stair Buckle M012

Stair Buckle M013

Stair Buckle M014

Stair Buckle M016

Stair Buckle M017

Stair Buckle M018

Stair Buckle M019

Stair Buckle M020

Stair Buckle M021

Stair Buckle M022

Stair Buckle M023


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