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Liquid Silicone Rubber
LSR Injection Moulding Machinery

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Liquid Silicone Rubber
LSR Injection Moulding Machinery
Jet Tech DCJ Series Profile

Liquid Silicone Rubber
LSR Injection Moulding Machinery
Jet Tech DCL Series Profile

Liquid Silicone Rubber
LSR Injection Moulding Machinery
Jet Tech DCZ Series Profile

Injection Silicone
Nipple Parts
Sample DCJ

Injection Silicone
Nipple Parts
Sample DCL

Injection Silicone
Nipple Parts
Sample DCZ

Ream Crank Type
Silicone Injection
Moulding Machinery DCJ
Intro Technical Parameter Table

Vertical Type
Silicone Injection Machinery
Technical Parameter Table

Direct Press Type
Silicone Injection Machinery
DCZ Intro
Technical Parameter Table

Silicone Injection Moulding Machinery
Horizontal Ream Crank Type DCJ


---New 5 points type bias ream design, large mould opening stroke, large 4 columns space
---High performance alloy steel draught shaft, high rigidity system, average stress distribution
---Reinforced moulding board design, ametabolic at high injection pressure
---Dual cylinders quick injection, injection mouth clings to pouring jaws to prevent LSR leakage
---High efficiency large variable flow pump to save power energy
---Advanced computer control system in main machinery, large screen Chinese display, Imported name brand touch-screen and PLC control system in assistant machinery
---Self malfunction diagnosis, latest automatic alarm enactment function
---Color slurry pump could automatically match colors and feeding raw LSR, it could adjust color degrees by adjusting color slurry, it is nonpollution at whole course   

   This machinery is suitable for gerneral silicone products, automatically mould disengaging silicone products including infant commodities, medical goods, diving articles, etc.

Silicone Injection Machinery
Vertical Type DCL


---High speed mould closing, low speed pressure increasing to protect mould
---Time parameters are adjustable
---3 levels control on injection pressures, and injection speeds are adjustable
---Microcomputer control on main machinery and PLC control on feeding unit to insure stable performance
---Touch screen buttons on main machinery, Simens touch screen on feeding unit, digital time control
---Automatically display alarm function

   It is especially suitable for plastic color silicone products, hardware silicone wrapped products, core disengaging products, inlaid silicone products, etc.

   The LSR feeding unit is with high performance electric,hydraulic,pneumatic system for easily operating. It is with stable high efficiency inhalant system, automatic raw materials feeding and supplying. It has high efficiency dynamic and static blending mixer.
All of its parts are made from stainless steel or aluminum alloy to prevent polluting raw materials.

Silicone Injection Machinery
Horizontal Direct Press Type DCZ


---Non reaming abrasion, dual cylinders mould closing, stability and speediness
---Super long mould opening stroke, wide space between mould columns, super large mould capacity
---Direct pressing mould belocking, moving ply is ametabolic, high precision
---Imported computer controller, intuitionistic and compact interface, easier for operation
---Automatic stakeout on injection action, lackage and leakage inspecting at screw.
---Self malfunction diagnosis display for obviating malfunction  

   It is suitable for producing general silicone products

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