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Testing and Running of Automatic Injection Blow Molding Plastic Machinery


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Automatic Injection Blow Molding Plastic Machinery

5.2 Testing and Running
5.2.1 The preparation before testing

(01) The operator must read this manual thoroughly and understand the technique process of plastic hollow forming manufacturing.
(02) Clean out the rust-protecting grease and dust on the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine.
(03) Open the cover of the tank and clean it. Then pour the hydraulic oil of the designated brand to the tank through the ventilating filter, the injection quantity should reach the upper position of the hydraulic thermometer, please use the hydraulic oil recommended in table 2, the order one listed in table 2 is preferred. In summer, please use the oil with big viscosity coefficient and in winter use smaller one.
(04) If the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine is equipped with the mould temperature controller(by oil), please fill enough heat conducting oil to its tank. otherwise if it is short of heat conducting oil, the heating pipe will burn out easily.
(05) Clean and lubricate manually each moving rod.
(06) Check all the linking parts and tight them again if they are loose.
(07) Check the cooling water pipe to avoid block or leakage.
(08) Check the compressed air pipes to avoid block and leakage.
(09) Check the components of the electrical control circuit to see if the connections and components are good as well as the approach switches are well fitted tightly.
(10) Connect the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine to the main power supply according to Fig.9

5.2.2 Testing running without load

(1) Start air compressor, the compressed air is sucked into the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine, and adjust the air pressure adjusting valve to bring the pressure to 7 bars, which is fitted under the left corner of the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine.
(2) Turn on the main power switch (the main switch indicating light is on) and turn the operation mode to manual. Without starting the oil pump, manually check air blowing,air exhausting, unrod air cylinder in and out, taking down products to make sure all the moving parts are operated well.
(3) Start oil pump motor to see if the rotation direction is right (see from the back of the motor, the vane of fan should running clockwise), if not, change phase sequence of motor power supply. In addition, check to see if any leakage in hydraulic oil system.
(4) Turn on the electrothermal switch and set the temperature control instruments to the required temperature according to the thermoplastic temperature. When the temperature have reached the set value, keep it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
(5) After the above operation, start the oil pump motor and shortly press the button of the screw mould descending and adjust the descending speed to not very fast.
(6) Check the blow moulds to guarantee there are no foreign matters inside them, then open and close the blow mould.
(7) Press the button of the plastic melting, check the rotating direction of the screw driven by the hydraulic motor through the mouth of the hopper, the right direction should be anticlockwise from the back of the hydraulic motor. The direction has been adjusted well before leaving our workshops, unless the user dismantles the oil motor pipes.
(8) After all the above processees, try to test the injection process, first press the button of plastic melting until plastic melting stop, second press the injection button until the injection stop and see if the injection quantity is approximately the same as the quantity of hollow products, then adjust the position of the plastic melting approach switch accordingly.

5.2.3 Parameters adjusting (refer to electrical control system 5.5.4)
     After the above processes, only check and adjust carefully the preset of following four kind of parameters, the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine can works in semiautomatic and automatic mode.

(1) The temperature of every heating zone section
     Adjust temperature according to the thermoplastic material and the formula.
(2) Preset the position of the approach limit switch
     Adjust the approach limit switch to approach position according to the shape and size of the plastic hollow product, especially the approach limit switch of the screw mould descending, the screw mould descending slowly, the screw mould descending quickly, first injection and plastic melting etc., Please preset as follows:

a. The limit switch of the screw mould descending must be adjusted to the position when the screw mould descending just to touch the female mould.
b. Specially should pay attention to the screw mould ascending slowly to limit position. When it stops at this limit position, the lowest position of the screw mould should be about 4-6mm higher than the blow mould, please refer to Fig.16. If the lowest position of the screw mould ascending limit switch is lower than the highest position of the blow mould, then the screw mould and blow mould will be damaged when the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine started.
c. The screw mould ascending quickly to limit position ,first preset it at the position that 10mm or above higher than the ascending slowly limit position, then adjust again to a little higher than the position from which the unrod air cylinder can take out the products.
d. It is very important to preset the first injection limit switch, it controls the injection capacity of the bottle. If the quantity is more than the requested, there will be scrap, if less, the preform or the bottle will not forming, so, please carefully adjust it.
e. The plastic melting stop limit switch, which determines the plastic melting quantity or the amount of plastic materials of the whole products, If the amount is larger than the requested ,then it will cause waste and produce inferior products.

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