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5.3 Running
     After all the parameters adjusted, the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine can run in semiautomatic or automatic mode. But before it starts, please check it again and ensure that the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine is in the following state: the unrod air cylinder should be in withdrawal position(far away from the moulds), the plastic melting and the screw back have been finished, the blow moulds in open limit position, and the screw mould in upper position.
During the running state, please pay attention to the following at any moment:

(1) Pay attention to watch the quality of the product and analyze the running state of the Automatic Injection Blow Molding Machine.
(2) Check to see whether the cooling effect accords with the requirements or not.
(3) Whether the running sound is normal or not
(4) Check change of the hydraulic pressure, oil temperature, oil level, air pressure and water temperature, adjust them in time and bring them within some ranges.
(5) Watch out the joint parts or connections to see if there are loose or any leakage of water and compressed air, oil etc.
(6) Check to see whether there is too much water in the water separator connected with air source. If it is too much water, please drain some out.
(7) Check the plastic material in the hopper, supplement some if necessary.

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