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Plastic Injection Mould
Made in China

Injection Mould
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Prices List of Television Injection Mould
Prices List of CRT Injection Mould
Offer Validity Before July 1st, 2004---Please contact us for latest pricing.
Payment Items: 50% T/T Down Payment + 30% T/T Payment Against Notice of First Sample Test + 20% T/T Payment Before Delivery

Welcome customers to visit our factory before placing an order

Complete Set of Injection Moulds
First Sample Test After
Lead Time

including moulds for

Front Shell & Rear Shell & 5-8 PCS Small Fittings

70 Days
100 Days
80 Days
110 Days
85 Days
120 Days
95 Days
130 Days

Injection Mould Show

Analysis Of
Gas Used In Mould Processing
Gate Mode
Gas Filling Passsage
Runner System

Analysis Of
Hot Runner System
Sprue Working System

Car Door Mould

Car Paddle Mould

Casher Drawer Mould

CTV Back Cabinet Mould

Flow Chart

Table Board
Mid Vacant
Blowing Mould


Injection Mould Workshop View

Injection Mould Workshop 01

Injection Mould Workshop 02

Injection Mould Workshop 03

Injection Mould Workshop 04

Injection Mould Workshop 05

Injection Mould Workshop 06

Injection Mould Workshop 07

Injection Mould Workshop 08

Injection Mould Workshop 09

Injection Mould Workshop 10

Injection Mould Workshop 11

Injection Mould Workshop 12

Injection Mould Workshop 13

Injection Mould Workshop A

Injection Mould Workshop B

Injection Mould Workshop C

Injection Mould Workshop D


Company Profile

Based on more than a decade's development, this mould factory has grown into a manufacturer specializing in the design of appearances, structures and moulds. It is supplying high quality plastic moulds for a variety of products ranging from household appliances, computers, telecommunications equipment, automobile parts, office appliances and articles for daily use, etc.

This factory convers 6053 square meters, employs more than 200 professionals, it has over 200 sets of large scale mould processing machineries with some internationally reputed brands. It successfully applies hot runner technologies and professional software Pro/E, Cimatron, AutoCAD, Moldflow, etc. For years, it has been providing both domestic and foreign manufacturers with the moulds of CRT cabinets, monitor cabinets, automobile devises, etc. Its technological innovations and mould designs have been awarded many times in the municipal, provincial and national competitions.

This factory is one base of large scale manufacture center of mould. It has introduced from domestic and foreign counterparts the advanced technolog, equipment, software to establish the networked service for its customers. It specializes in TV appearance design, apparatus design and mould development. It has succeeded in combining mould design to mould manufacture and become the leader of mould field in Cina.

---Front cabinet mould of 21" CTV
---Front cabinet mould of 28" CTV
---The technology of using gas to facilitate mould processing
---The technology by improving digital control to increase production capability
---The progress in hot runner system technology
---The technology of applying graphite to mould

This factory is trying to be a successful idol for its counterparts with the support of its rich experience, advanced equipment, professional technology, devoted spirit and good quality. It is trying to be improving, efficient and perfect all the times.

---CNC machineries (Computerized Numerical Control)
---EDM machineries (Electron Discharge Machining)
---Wire Cut machineries
---Contour Grinding Machinery, Face Grinding Machinery, Circular Grinding Machinery, Universal Tool and Cutter Grinding Machinery, Upright Drilling Machinery, Travelling Crane, Redial Drilling Machinery, Projector Machinery, Mould Doctor Equipment, Three Dimension Measuring Instrument, Tester, etc.

This factory is always focusing on its technology innovation. As a result, its application of some professional technologies has reached a high level in the domestic market, such as gas facilitating technology, hot runner system technology, digitally controlling technology, etc. In addition, the exploration and application of Cimatron and Moldflow software is domestically and internationally reputed.

Honesty is its basic attitudes towards exploring its markets. Faithfulness is its fundamental promise to attract its clients. All of its employees are doing so to set up a mutually beneficial relationship with its respectful clients.

Keeping the essence of the past years, this factory is aiming to provide higher quality and better service for its customers to attract global cooperations to achieve a mutually brilliant future. Contact its international agent Pimpex Plastic ...


Injection Moulded Products Show

Moulded Product 01

Moulded Product 02

Moulded Product 03

Moulded Product 04

Moulded Product 05

Moulded Product 06

Moulded Product 07

Moulded Product 08

Moulded Product 09

Moulded Product 10

Moulded Product 11

Moulded Product 12

Moulded Product 13

Moulded Auto Fittings 01

Moulded Auto Fittings 02

Moulded Color Display

Moulded Color TV

Moulded Color TV

Moulded Electrograph
Facsimile Machine


Design Software for Injection Mould

Two Dimensional

Numerical Control Programe
Assistant Manufacture

CNC Programe
Assistant Manufacture

Mould Flow
Injection Moulding
Assitant Analysis

Mould Pro/E
Three Dimensional

Three Dimensional


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