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Dibenzoyl Methane

Thermal Color Stabilizer for PVC


Specification of Dibenzoyl Methane DBM, Issued on Oct.24th, 2007

Goods: Dibenzoyl Methane
Trade Name: PVC DBM
Quality Standard: International Level
Content Assay: Minimum 99%
Melt Point: 76-80 Degrees Celsius
Weight Loss Dried: Maximum 0.5%
Ash Content: Maximum 0.1%
Outward Appearance: White Color, Light Yellow Crystallized Powder
Packing: 25Kg or 50 Kgs Complex Container Bag

       Dibenzoyl Methane is a light yellow crystallized powder, easty to be solved in chloroform, dimethyl benzene, methylbenzene, and sodium hydroxide liquid, little to be solved in alcohol and tittle in water.
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Dibenzoyl Methane DBM

Dibenzoyl Methane DBM
Sample 120 Meshes Powder

Dibenzoyl Methane DBM
Sample Crystallized Powder
       Dibenzoyl Methane is a new thermal color stabilizer for PVC. It manifests in the studies both home and abroad that used with compounded stabilizers such as the calcium–zinc, barium–zinc, and magnesium–aluminum, it improves remarkably the initial coloring, transparency, long term stability, and the separating out and "zinc burning" etc during PVC processing. Applied with organic tin and lead salt together, it is also an effective organic additive for thermal and coloring. Moreover, it is shown in srudies that adding 0.2-0.3% Dibenzoyl Methane during the PVC processing will strengthen greatly the thermal stabilization, initial coloring and anti-oxidation etc.
       Dibenzoyl Methane is on the other hand a compound material for opacifier and antisun-burning of cosmetics. Since having the mutual change structre of ketonic and enol forms, it has a large conjugate system and with the ultraviolet band of 270-400nm, it has the wider absorbing peak and more prominent absorbing effect than the benzophenone and benzotriazole-the common UV absorbents. Its longest absorbing wave is 340nm, Mole photic-absorbing coefficient, 2.55x104 L/mol.cm, therefore an excellent UV absorbent. Dibenzoyl Methane can be used in the extraction of precious and rare metals and also an enrichment agent of uranium and material for preparing fluorochrome from high effective rare earth-an organic matching material.
       Dibenzoyl Methane has been applied extensively overseas and it is in the R & D stage for exploiting its application field in China .With the tech introduced from abroad, our company is the first in China to carry out the industrial production. By means of adopting advanced process, sophisticated equipment and perfect testing. The quality can completely secure the standard of the same categories abroad.

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